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Health Minister, Paul Goggins has announced that pay awards for healthcare professionals in Northern Ireland will match NHS pay awards. In line with the rest of the public sector, the implementation of awards over 1.5% will be staged, with 1.5% paid at 1 April 2007 and the remainder being paid…
Talks on the nurses' dispute being held at Government Buildings have been adjorned until Tuesday. Efforts to end the four-week old dispute over pay and a shorter working week had been ongoing since mid afternoon under the auspices of the National Implementation body.
Pharmacists are warning the country's methadone treatment scheme could collapse. The Irish Pharmaceutical Union says the State's medicines schemes - including the methadone treatment used to wean heroin addicts off the street version of the drug - could come to an end if the HSE doesn't review fees paid to…
Around 300 people demonstrated outside the Dáil this afternoon, calling for a method of education for autistic children to be recognised and funded by the State. Last month, the family of a six-year-old autistic boy tried to compel the State to provide their son with 30 hours of Applied Behavioural…