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Saturday, 8 Jul, 2006

Arthritis Sufferer Targets MPs

An Ulster woman who waited 18 months in agony for desperately needed rheumatoid arthritis wonder drugs, has gone to the House of Commons - to campaign for a better deal for patients across the UK. Armed with a five-point action plan, Hazel Mark was one of 10 women urging the…
Last year, the Inspector of Mental Health Services, Dr Teresa Carey, published her first annual report. It contained details of all of the inspections she had carried out in 2004 and noted a 'range of issues' that were having a 'serious negative effect' on the quality of services available to…
The remaining provisions of the Mental Health Act, 2001, are to come into effect on November 1. This will provide for the establishment of independent tribunals to review the legality of people being involuntarily detained in psychiatric facilities. Announcing the news, Health Minister, Mary Harney, said that the Health Service…
Wednesday, 5 Jul, 2006

Board's Special Needs Cut Threat

One of Northern Ireland's education boards faces legal action unless it agrees to cost-cutting measures. The South Eastern board has until 1800 GMT on Thursday to implement the cuts, which will affect special needs pupils.