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It’s getting personal. In a good way. When this call for evidence launched in March, then – as now – I was keen to understand the reality of unpaid or informal care in England and to build a comprehensive picture of what people need and want to lead happier, healthier…
Hip-hop artists Tupac and Eminem are among the most iconic music artists of the past two decades, and as Dr Akeem Sule and Dr Becky Inkster, co-founders of HIP-HOP-PSYCH, write, their lyrics can provide a valuable insight into the lives of some of the people most at risk of developing…


Being separated from a close family member can be emotionally fraught. It can be especially challenging when that person is incarcerated. And the situation becomes even more devastating when children are deprived of their primary carer. This is what can happen when a mother is sent to prison. The vast…


Short-term memory, long-term memory, amnesia, dementia, Alzheimer’s – people often use these terms incorrectly. The reason is partly because memory is one of the most complex mental abilities. It involves experiencing the current moment through the five senses, holding that experience for a fraction of a second, filtering just a…
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