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Reshaping Care and Support Planning is a nationally approved, awareness raising resource for outcome-focused care and support planning within adult registered services in Scotland. It was devised, developed and published in a partnership between the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS), Care Inspectorate, Scottish Consortium for Learning…
In order to effectively implement the Self-Directed Support Strategy for Scotland, it is imperative that information on services and supports is readily available to those that need it. What the strategy envisages is individuals and families having “informed choice about the way support is provided to them” (Scottish Government, 2010)…
Monday, 5 Dec, 2011

Webwatch - IRISS Comment

There are now various and easy ways to publish material on the web. Blogs and communities of practice are examples of the ways people are using the web to publish their own views and opinions and receive comments from others.
Monday, 31 Oct, 2011

Webwatch - bespoken

bespoken is a social media website dedicated to building a community that aims to include disabled people in the design of everyday household products from their own homes, and where they can share ideas and tips on how to overcome everyday challenges that are faced with appliances and technology.
Friday, 30 Sep, 2011

Webwatch - SWAPbox

SWAPBox is a digital repository that brings together open educational resources – social work and social policy learning and teaching materials – that can be freely used and repurposed for use with students in the classroom or in working practice. Examples of some of these materials includes handouts, exercises, podcasts…
Glasgow is one of the cities hosting Social Media Week (#socialmediaweek), which will take place from 19-23 September 2011. The week will focus on exploring how local and regional societies, cultures and economies are becoming more integrated and empowered through a global network of communication.
Thursday, 28 Jul, 2011

Webwatch - Google Docs

Most of us create documents (usually in Word) and circulate them by email to colleagues for comment. This generates many versions of the document on various computers along with a chaotic trail of email correspondence. Someone then has the cumbersome and time-consuming job of coordinating and synthesising all the comments.…
Wednesday, 7 Apr, 2010

Webwatch - DotComUnity

DotComUnity aims to provide a one-stop online resource and directory of community services, care information and social interactivity for adults and children with a learning or physical disability within local communities throughout the UK. A registered, not-for-profit initiative, the website is useful in that it allows users to feedback on…
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