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Saturday, 31 Oct, 2009

Webwatch - Google

Google, possibly the web search engine of choice for most people, is wonderfully efficient at unearthing useful information.  But have you ever wondered if there might be something relevant away down there on page 100 of your results? For more effective and efficient searching it’s worth looking at some of…
Getting it Right, Assessments for Black and Minority Ethnic Carers and Service Users is a new interactive online learning resource produced by IRISS in conjunction with MECOPP. It introduces the issues affecting minority ethnic carers and service users with an emphasis on achieving cultural competence within individual practice. Although aimed…
A new managed knowledge network (MKN) from NHS Education Scotland provides access to information and evidence about adult rehabilitation and the management of long term conditions. Rehabilitation in this context is defined as  "a process aiming to restore personal autonomy to those aspects of daily life considered most relevant by…
As readers of this column will know, we enthusiastically believe that the web offers great potential for communication and learning, as well as for fun and leisure.  But we also recognise legitimate concerns about the dangers, especially for children and vulnerable people. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre…
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