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Wednesday, 25 Mar, 2009

Webwatch - Capability Scotland

The Scottish charity, Capability Scotland, have recently undergone a re-branding exercise and this has inevitably included their web presence. Capability’s mission is to transform people’s expectations of what is possible and ensure that disabled people achieve equality. They work with disabled people of all ages and their families and carers…
Wednesday, 25 Mar, 2009

Webwatch - RSS

This little icon can make your life easier. You will see it all over the web and it lets you keep up to date without having to visit websites to see what’s new.  The icon denotes the existence of something called an RSS feed (sometimes called news feeds, web feeds,…
Wednesday, 25 Mar, 2009

Webwatch - The Throughcare Map

One of the main benefits of putting content on the Internet is that by so doing, you make it available and accessible to all. However, good web design can do more than make content accessible. It can structure, organise and represent content in ways that make it easier for users…
Wednesday, 25 Mar, 2009

Webwatch - HandsOnScotland

The HandsOnScotland website describes itself as a toolkit of helpful responses to encourage children and young people's emotional wellbeing. It¹s designed to offer practical information and techniques to help people who work with children respond helpfully to troubling behaviour, build up their self-esteem and promote their positive mental wellbeing.  …
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