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Friday, 25 November 2016

NISCC welcomes Jackie McIlroy as new Deputy Chief Social Work Officer

Written by The Editorial Team

One of the first appointments for Northern Ireland’s new Deputy Chief Social Work Officer in NI was meeting with the team at the Northern Ireland Social Care Council.

NISCC Chief Executive Colum Conway welcomed Deputy Chief Social Work Officer Jackie McIlroy to the NISCC Office for her first introduction to the NISCC staff and an update on social care regulation.

Colum Conway said: “We look forward to working closely with Jackie in her new role. Jackie has worked in a range of social care services for many years and has extensive experience from her mental health social work and management roles in the Trusts as well as in her previous role as Mental Health, Dementia & Disability Officer for the Department of Health.

"Her expertise and guidance will be invaluable as we complete the final phase of compulsory registration for the social care workforce in March 2017.”

Jackie McIlroy said:“This is a significant time for social care in Northern Ireland. The Health Minister has shared her vision for Health and Social Care for the next generation and I welcome the opportunity as Deputy Chief Social Work Officer in developing policy and strengthening practice to develop the social work and social care workforce needed to deliver world class services. In a few months, Northern Ireland will be the first country in the UK, and Europe, to have full registration for this workforce. This is a significant milestone for the sector and demonstrates the commitment of the Department of Health to raising standards for people who use services.”

Colum added:“We would also thank Jackie’s predecessor, Christine Smyth who journeyed with us on our way to develop Standards for the registration and regulation of the social care workforce. Christine has led on a number of innovative projects to transform social work and social care services. We wish her well in her new role leading the Social Work Strategy for Northern Ireland.”