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Monday, 06 July 2015

Edinburgh event to showcase social pedagogy working with adults

Written by The Editorial Team

The University of Edinburgh and Camphill Scotland are hosting an event in September on using social pedagogy to work with adults.

The 'Diamonds are forever: using social pedagogy to work with adults' event aims to show how social pedagogy might be used in your organisation or your practice.

Social pedagogy is a relationship-based approach to working with people.  While it is suited to use with people from all walks of life and with a range of support needs, in the UK it is most commonly used with children.  

In 2014, the Scottish Government funded Camphill Scotland to run a pilot project into the use of social pedagogy with adults with learning disabilities, evaluated by the University of Edinburgh.  

One of the central tenants of social pedagogy is that there is a diamond within all of us. As human beings we are all precious and have a rich variety of knowledge, skills and abilities. Not all diamonds are polished and sparkly, but all have the potential to be.

Similarly, every person has the potential to shine out – and social pedagogy is about supporting them in this.

The event will take place on Monday September 7 at the University of Edinburgh and those interested are invited to come along and find out more about how social pedagogy helped in the pilot.

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