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Tuesday, 09 May 2017

Highland social worker struck off after sexually assaulting woman

Written by The Editorial Team

A Highland social worker has been struck off the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) register for sexually assaulting a woman during a visit to her home in June 2015.

Appearing at Inverness Sheriff Court, David Macrae of Tain, admitted that he told the victim he wondered how her bra could hold up her breasts, before lifting up her clothing and pulling down her underwear.

report by the SSSC stated that the behaviour was “entirely unacceptable” and “extremely serious.”

The report said: “It was significant abuse of the trust and confidence held in you as a social service worker, not only by (a person known to you), but the public as a whole. This behaviour directly caused harm to, or placed a vulnerable person at risk of significant emotional harm.

“As a social service worker, you have a responsibility for setting examples and being a role model for acceptable behaviour. Your behaviour on this occasion falls very far below the standards of character and conduct necessary for you to practise your job safely and effectively and is fundamentally incompatible with that expected of someone registered with the SSSC.”

The report added that, although Macrae’s behaviour appeared to be isolated, he offered no insight, regret, or apology for his actions or behaviour, and that there was a significant emotional impact on the victim. And that he'd breached the fundamental values of care, trust and confidence within the social services profession.

Macrae was spared a criminal conviction in January last year after his doctor issued a letter two weeks before the offence stating he was suffering from “acute bereavement reaction” following his mother’s death.

He was struck off the register on May 6.