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Raising the price of alcohol is the controversial cure to the Welsh boozing culture, according to doctors. Alcohol-related deaths have increased more than four-fold among Welsh men and more than three-fold among women in the past 20 years, according to the report from the National Public Health Service for Wales.…
Sunday, 9 Jul, 2006

Abuse Unit's Work Praised

Cardiff is to receive international recognition for tackling domestic violence. Jan Pickles OBE, manager of the Cardiff Women's Safety Unit, will represent the UK at a European Commission conference. Jan will be joined on the two-day event in Ankara, Turkey, by head of Cardiff public protection department, Detective Inspector Chris…
Free workshops for parents on how to support a child with dyslexia are being run in South Wales this month. The Dyslexia Action Cardiff Centre will run the six-hour course over three days on how to support a child at home and is also offering a parent and child workshop…
Parents of a 16-week-old baby who died after suffering dozens of fractures could see the criminal investigation into her death reopened. Little Chloe Thomas had suffered 40 fractures to her ribs, and other breaks to her skull, wrists and legs, when she stopped breathing at her Bridgend home in April,…