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At some point of time in your life you will find yourself in an interview. If you are a highly sought after individual, you may find yourself in several interviews in a very short time frame. Whatever the case may be there are certain rules when you schedule an interview…
The newspapers shout 'credit crunch' and the grey clouds gather ever more. It's hard not to feel anxious about the gloomy forecasts. But there are alternative outlooks other than the ostrich approach or extreme belt tightening. It's not all grey clouds. Last month at an annual gathering of over 150…
Attitude Matters No matter how bad your mood might be when you leave home for work, when you reach your workplace, you should put on a happy face and greet everybody with a smile. A smile goes a long way in creating healthy relationships among co-workers. A great attitude that…
Ideally, the mutually-accepted final salary structure will be the outcome of a successful interview process. However, your expectations must be realistic. A little research on deciding upon the expected salary will be helpful. A realistic assessment should be done to calculate your worth as an employee, which should be tested…
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Dress for success

suitTop tips for interview attire

Although some companies have relaxed their dress code for employees, many still expect a professional look in interviews for new recruits. Here we look at why it is still important to companies.


Resigning with class!

resigning150x100How to resign diplomatically

Are you preparing to resign from your current job? Some job seekers have a hard time doing so, either because they love the job and their colleagues or because they can't stand the job and can't wait to leave. 


When the workplace is a hell place

unhappyBullying & harassment at work

Founder of Just Fight On, Jo-Anne Brown, spoke exclusively to us about bullying and harassment in the workplace. Bullying only happens to weak people. It only happens in school playgrounds.