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You may be somebody who has concluded they’re in the wrong part of the employment market. Periodically there may be friends and family who conclude same. Sometimes it’s really surprising because somebody can be taking the vocation route and be highly qualified only to then realize they aren’t doing what…
Sometimes in our careers we end up in a place in which we never planned to be, a bit like driving up a cul-de-sac and having to do a U-turn to get out of it. How on earth did we get here? It’s quite possible that this question is pointless.…
Branding is no longer just for companies, products and services, if it ever was just for them. ‘Personal brand’ has become an increasingly common phrase and for good reason. Just as more traditional branding helps organizations to draw market awareness, public recognition and customer loyalty to them, building your own…
Many people tend to coast through their careers, from the time they leave school or university and get their first job to the time they retire. Although they go to work day in and day out and do what they’re paid to do, they aren’t really conscious of their career…
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Dress for success

suitTop tips for interview attire

Although some companies have relaxed their dress code for employees, many still expect a professional look in interviews for new recruits. Here we look at why it is still important to companies.


Resigning with class!

resigning150x100How to resign diplomatically

Are you preparing to resign from your current job? Some job seekers have a hard time doing so, either because they love the job and their colleagues or because they can't stand the job and can't wait to leave. 


When the workplace is a hell place

unhappyBullying & harassment at work

Founder of Just Fight On, Jo-Anne Brown, spoke exclusively to us about bullying and harassment in the workplace. Bullying only happens to weak people. It only happens in school playgrounds.