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DESIGN Services For The Care Sector

An international team of scientists has announced a new advance in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by identifying a new drug target for not only improving symptoms of brain degeneration – but also to extend the life-span of the terminally ill mice. The four-year study by Medical Research Council (MRC)…


The University of Gloucestershire has been given the green light to offer a new nursing degree from September 2017, after the course was approved, subject to conditions, by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. This new course aims to tackle nursing shortages both locally and nationally by offering a three-year undergraduate…
From lay input in research to how a clinic runs, from medical revalidation to patient forums, healthcare professionals increasingly need effective patient input if they are to provide a relevant, sustainable and effective service. Conversely, patients and the public have the right to contribute to, advise and inform not just…


Members of black and minority ethnic (BME) groups face barriers to mental health services because of a communication breakdown between healthcare users and providers, and cultural factors, such as an inability to accept mental health problems and stigma. Those are the key findings from a new study by Brighton and…
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