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Tuesday, 06 December 2016

Engage: Adult Principal Social Worker Network - Valuing Hospital Social Work

Written by Adult Principal Social Worker Network

This December 7th we will see a national day of celebration for Hospital social work, the practice and the social workers that make it happen. As we again enter into the period of high pressure on our social care services and staff it would be great to remember the essential role that these social workers undertake each and everyday.

You can take part in this event and help highlight this area of practice. You could run a stall in your local acute setting to help educate and share what the role is with health colleagues. You could get on social media and share  images of your Hospital social workers, stories and support. You could print of some posters and put them up to highlight the day or you could just read all the articles and blogs we have set up to celebrate Hospital social work. However big or small it will all help to make this day a day of celebration.

We ask that PSWs highlight this day and get involved with their hospital teams to help promote the role. Maybe get the senior management team and board members to spend a few hours with the team, experiencing the role.

Below are a set of documents to help you highlight and support the day. There are two posters one in PDF format to print and put up. Another that in Word so that you can add details of any events you are running. The are two other documents that relate to personalisation and MCA principles. Always handy to share with other professionals and highlight some of the law and values that underpin social work. These can simply be printed as posters or as handouts.

Watch this space for more blogs and detail soon and get planning for the 7th December.

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