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DESIGN Services For The Care Sector

High Impact Innovations is a website launched by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, which is designed to showcase case studies, videos and other material to help spread and adopt the ‘high impact innovations’ identified in the publication, Innovation health and wealth, accelerating adoption and diffusion in the NHS,…
Thursday, 1 Nov, 2012

Webwatch - Housing Options

The advent of self-directed support and personalised care will mean that over time, more and more individuals will have control of, and choice around, their own care and support, and this will include where and how they want to live. Housing Options Scotland is a public service organisation that provides…
The Changing lives: Report of the 21st century social work review (2006) stressed the need for clear leadership and effective management at all levels within the workforce. While it is important that individuals take responsibility for the development of their own leadership skills, employers need to provide support for them…
Monday, 3 Sep, 2012

Webwatch - WithScotland

The Multi-Agency Resource Service (MARS) and the Scottish Child Care and Protection Network (SCCPN) have recently joined forces and renamed themselves WithScotland. The merge of the two organisations has led to the development of a new website - a national resource for the benefit of everyone in Scotland involved in…